Weston Carew

Weston has been coming around the shop since he was in corn rows and tall tee’s. Yeah that’s right, I can reference that now because he out does most of us in the style and looks department these days. Regardless of his stee though, he is one of those dudes that you just knew was going to be a skateboarder for life. Weston has been doing artwork for Freedom for the last few years and we couldn’t be more grateful. His designs have been some of the best we have seen in all of our years and you can continue to shred knowing there are more to come! From being one of the best dudes around to skate with and call a friend, to 4th of July at his folks house, Weston is a true compliment to the Madison skateboard scene. Here are a few recent examples of his work for us and a few questions we asked him. Next time you see Weston around town, blast him a five and thank him for holding it down in Madtown.

Badge Hoodie.Shallow Grave Coach JacketFreedom_Postcard_Popsicle_FINALFreedom_Punish

How old are you and where are you from dude?

Twenty six. Madison, WI mostly, but I’m from Cottage Grove (WI) originally.

How was it growing up there?

Definitely a great place to grow up except for the long winters. We had endless space and low supervision out in the farm lands. My childhood was awesome!

How long have you been skateboarding?

14 years or so.

How did you get into it?

My first board was a Nash. Don’t remember how or when I got that, it was just kind of there. My neighbor had a newer board and would make fun of mine for being ‘old’ so I got a new Variflex and eventually I realized how much I enjoyed skateboarding and (how) it wasn’t about proving anything. Looking back I’m bummed I didn’t stick with the Nash board, wherever that ended up.

What pros influenced you most in the beginning?

Definitely Mike Vallely. I just remember him being so powerful on his skateboard, flying into walls and doing huge airs. Then powerful off his skateboard when he was busting skulls. Jamie Thomas is another one that sticks out in my mind, the way those guys skated was what caught my eye. There was a rebellious side to them and their branding, I was into that!

Who are your favorites now?

Dennis Businetz will always be number one, I’d rather watch a video of him pushing and doing kickflips than any technical-rail-to-ledge-combo-monster-gap over hyped video part on the web. Also, Jason Dill, the Gonz, Crockett, Dylan Rieder, BA, AVE, Aaron Herrington and Brad Cromer are on the dream team.

What does skateboard art mean to you?

From the time I started skateboarding one of my favorite things to do was to sit in the skate shop and trip out on the graphics. There is literally nothing else like skateboarding and the art and culture that’s involved with it. Outside groups always try to rip off that aspect of skateboarding, but the cool thing with skate art is most of the time it’s a big middle finger to all of society. Skateboarders are weirdos and the art compliments that very well, I guess skate art to me, is telling everyone to f__k off!

Favorite place to get a beer in Madison?

Mickey’s and the Argus are always a solid choice.

Favorite place to eat pizza?

Pizza Di Roma will set you straight, big slice for a low price!

What gets you hyped?

Friends, summer nights, skate trips, camping, cold beers, happy vibes and high fives!

What bums you out?

Sprained ankles, broken bones, winter, kooks and cops.

What does a dream session look like for you?

All of the dudes pushing around downtown and ending it with a happy hour!

Top 3 places to skate:

1. Estabrook MKE

2. The Lot

3. Library Mall

Words to live by…

Work hard and stay humble. Also, live fast die last!