Name: Ian Stark

Age: 18

Stance: Regs

Years skating: 7 years

what’s your set up? Anti-Hero 8.375, Ace Trucks, Spitfire 54mm Streetburners, Bones Swiss (them fancy ones).

Why skateboarding? Skateboarding is art form allowing for much individual creativeness. Shit is fun.

Favorite type of terrain to destroy: ATV

Favorite place/thing you’ve skated: Potrero park in SF’s pretty damn fun.

Place/thing you really want to skate: Portland

5 pros you’d like to skate with: TnT, Schaaf, Davis Torgerson (if he ain’t pro he should be) whoever else is inspirational.

What gets you stoked? Cardiel

What bums you out? Money

Words to live by… You gotta pay to play.